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3.9L Magnum V6 Explained

Chrysler's Magnum Series engine is, more or less, the second generation of the LA-series small block. In early form the Magnum engine was used exclusively in Dodge trucks such as the Dakota, Ram, Durango and Ram Van. As quickly as it came out, the Jeep Grand Cherokee also got them as an option. The production run of the Magnum engine series was from 1992-2003. Aftermarket support for the Magnum series has grown over the years and with proper maintenance, they will last forever.

Along with the above V8, the 3.9L Magnum V6 was also new, which basically was a 5.2 with two cylinders removed. Like that 5.2, horsepower and torque were greater during ts first two years. Those numbers were 180 on the horsepower side and 220 on the torque side. For 1994, output fell to 175hp while the same torque rating was retained. Torque was bumped up for the 1997 model year to 225 ft/lbs.

Displacement= 3.9 Liters / 239 cubic inches

Bore x Stroke= 3.91" x 3.31"

Compression Ratio= 9.1:1

Firing Order= 1-6-5-4-3-2

Fuel Induction=
'92-'96- Multi-point Fuel Injection (MPFI);
'97-'03- Sequential Multi-port Fuel Injection (SMFI)

Valvetrain Arrangement=
single in-block camshaft
12 valves total

Stock Camshaft Specs=
254 degrees duration intake / 267 degrees duration exhaust
.413" lift intake / .430" lift exhaust

Factory Availability=
'92-'03 Dodge Dakota
'92-'03 Dodge Ram Van 1500
'92-'03 Dodge Ram Wagon 1500
'92-'03 Dodge Ram 1500

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