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5.9L Magnum V8 Explained

Chrysler's Magnum Series engine is, more or less, the second generation of the LA-series small block. In early form the Magnum engine was used exclusively in Dodge trucks such as the Dakota, Ram, Durango and Ram Van. As quickly as it came out, the Jeep Grand Cherokee also got them as an option. The production run of the Magnum engine series was from 1992-2003. Aftermarket support for the Magnum series has grown over the years and with proper maintenance, they will last forever.

Next to come, for 1993, was the 5.9L (360 CID) Magnum V8. Horsepower at first was 230 with torque pegged at 330 ft/lbs. Five years later in 1998, 245 was the horsepower number, and 345 was the torque. However, in the 1998-2003 Dakota R/T and 1998-only Grand Cherokee 5.9 Limited, horsepower was bumped to a full 250, while torque remained the same. Buyers of the 2000-2003 Durango R/T were lucky enough to get the same 250 hp, but also an extra bump in torque to a righteous 350 ft/lbs, which is approaching modern Hemi numbers.

5.9 Bore x Stroke= 4.00" x 3.58"
5.9 Compression Ratio= 8.9:1
5.9 Firing Order= 1-8-4-3-6-5-7-2

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